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Seminars and Events

Research Spotlight

Optometry and Vision Science students, visiting medical students and PhD students worked together during the summer exploring cell biology research skills and conducting laboratory experiments with Associate Professor Michele Madigan.

The research related to studies of eye melanocytes (pigmented cells in the eye that absorb light), naevi (pigmented spots - like freckles - in the back of the eye), changes in the retina with aging and age-related macular degeneration. A weekly journal club where students presented and discussed recent published research plus some good lunches were also a feature of the time.

The research team included Hung Ton (Optometry Year 3 UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science David Bard Summer Scholarship), Miguel De Assis (Study Abroad Brazil UNSW medical student), Ephrem Sitiwin (PhD Optometry), Madeleine Vader (visiting medical student Leiden University Medical School), Adrian Cioanca (Vision Science Year 3), and Wilson Luu (Year 5 Optometry). Several other students also visited for lab introduction and journal club discussion including Paul Gilan and Rose Gu (Year 5 Optometry), and Daisy Shu (Optometry 2012, now PhD University of Sydney).