Peer Mentoring Programme

The Peer Mentoring Programme at SOVS, headed by Dr Pauline Kang and Ms Michelle Wanandy is a support network helping students make the transition to University life as smooth as possible. The programme revolves around social interaction and support rather than academic tutoring. 

It is a highly competitive scheme within the School and all peer mentors are stage 4 students who have gone through a rigorous selection process and have undertaken peer mentoring training at UNSW. This support programme is run for the first eight weeks of Semester 1 for an hour each week.

Expressions of interest will be sent out at the end of August 2017.

The process will include an interview and if successful, peer mentoring training. 

2017 UNSW Peer Mentoring Team:

Peer Mentoring

2016 UNSW Peer Mentoring Team:

2016 Peer Mentoring Team

2015 UNSW Peer Mentoring Team:

2015 Peer Mentoring Team