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  • 15 January 2019

    Happy new year! For the latest news on what we have been up to at SOVS over the past year, including videos and podcasts from our Alumni Events held in 2018, please read here.

  • 13 December 2018

    Dr Blanka Golebiowski and the team from the Asylum Seeker Centre (ASC) Eye Clinic, including optometrists Layal Naji and Homma Ebrahimi, were invited to an official reception at Government House in Sydney.  The event was enjoyed by all and was an excellent occasion to speak with the founders of the ASC, other members of the ASC health care team and of course his excellency the governor David Hurley.

  • 3 December 2018

    Please join us in welcoming Dr Nayuta Yoshioka to SOVS.  Yoshi joins us as a Lecturer and will be teaching in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the School in the following courses: VISN1101: Seeing the work: Perspectives from Vision Science, OPTM7611: Introduction to Myopia, OPTM7612: Myopia Management and OPTM7621: Clinical Myopia Management.

Seminars and Events

  • Feb

    If you are a new Optometry degree student or considering a major in Vision Science, do not miss this event!

    Receive a formal welcome to the School of Optometry and Vision Science, tour of the facilities, chat to reps from the Optom Student Society, and get an opportunity to meet vision science peer mentors and fellow students.

    After the formal School Welcome, the Optom Student Society is also hosting a FREE BBQ for new students! All new optometry and vision science students are encouraged to stay for the BBQ. 

Research Spotlight

Contact lens discomfort is one of the main reasons for permanent discontinuation of contact lens wear. Contact lens discomfort probably occurs due to reduced compatibility between the contact lens and the ocular environment, especially the eyelids and tear film. This study was designed to determine the ability of clinical correlates related to eyelids and tear film to predict symptoms in contact lens wearers.

Researchers at the Centre for Eye Health have been developing and evaluating new methods for visual field testing to detect losses in glaucoma earlier than current clinical tests. Since 2016, we have published a series of research papers showing that carefully selecting a more appropriate test size identifies more defects compared to current clinical standard methods (Kalloniatis and Khuu 2016 OPO; Phu et al 2017 OPO).