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  • 15 August 2018

    UNSW Science Vacation Research Scholarships are now available.  There are a number of highly competitive summer research scholarships available to currently enrolled undergraduate students in second year or above. This scheme will enable students to gain valuable research experience, supervised by our international team of academics at state of the art research facilities at UNSW. 

  • 31 July 2018

    Professor Fiona Stapleton and Professor Helen Swarbrick from the UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science have been recognised by their peers and will this year be awarded at the American Academy of Optometry in the US in November 2018. Professor Stapleton has been awarded the Glenn A Fry Lecture Award and Professor Helen Swarbrick, the Max Shapero Lecture Award. 

  • 26 July 2018

    The UNSW Optometry Clinic is delighted to launch its new Dry Eye Clinic. Located on the Kensington campus at UNSW Sydney, this Clinic is to be spearheaded by Dr Maria Markoulli who is currently a Senior Lecturer and Optometrist at the UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science.

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Dry eye disease presents in millions of people globally, and despite the symptoms being a common complaint in the test room, many individuals are unaware of their diagnosis. As a result, many cases of dry eye disease remain untreated.