Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The School of Optometry and Vision Science aims to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all staff and students regardless of their race, sex, age, religion, disability, socio-economic background, sexual orientation or gender identification.  We believe that staff and students ought to be able to enjoy their time with us without experiencing any sense of alienation or ill-treatment at the hands of either staff or fellow students in the University.  As such, the School strongly supports and adheres to UNSW’s Equity and Diversity Policy in regard to these matters.


The SOVS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee comprises:


Prof Mark Willcox                   academic staff                       UNSW champion for                                                                                                                                                     LGBTIQ community

Prof Helen Swarbrick              academic staff                       gender and age

Ms Lowana Littlechild             undergraduate students         rural communities, low SES                                                                                                                                            groups

Dr Anne Barnes                       professional and                     LGBTIQ and disability                                                                                                       technical staff                       groups

Dr Debarun Dutta                    postdoctoral and early           groups from international                                                                                                 career researchers                 backgrounds

Ms Jessie Huang                       postgraduate students           groups from international                                                                                                                                              backgrounds

The School liaison person for any equity, diversity or inclusion issues is Prof Mark Willcox (m.willcox@unsw.edu.au, ph. 9385 4164), who will refer the issue where indicated to an appropriate committee member.

Dated: 8/3/18