Optometry Clinic News for Alumni

In 2018 we were excited to re-launch our Dry Eye Clinic with Dr Maria Markoulli (below) as the clinical lead. The re-launch was prompted by the recently published report called the Tear Film and the Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) Dry Eye Work Shop II (DEWS II). The UNSW Optometry clinic has re-aligned procedures for diagnosis and treatment to be consistent with the TFOS DEWSII framework, employing state-of-the art instrumentation for these purposes. In this clinic, the management of dry eye is tailored specifically to each patient following a comprehensive assessment. The Dry Eye clinic is equipped to serve our Alumni and colleagues who may either request a suite of tests or both a suite of tests and management of the condition. http://bit.ly/2KVFgF7


Assoc/Prof David Pye and Dr Gavin Boneham conduct an Advanced Contact Lens Clinic on Wednesdays. They fit contact lenses to patients with challenging corneal conditions including post graft, advanced keratoconus, post refractive surgery and cosmetic lenses for conditions such as micro-ophthalmus, corneal injuries and congenital conditions. They are always happy to accept referrals from optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Our Myopia control practice continues to grow. We welcome Ms Rebecca Dang (below) into the role of Staff Optometrist in collaboration with Dr Pauline Kang. The clinic offers an evidence-based practice approach to myopia control including low dose atropine, orthokeratology and bifocal contact lenses.








Our ‘Establishing and Managing an Optometry Practice’ course has just been completed is 8th year with Tony Simon facilitating. Tony brings and energy and enthusiasm to the course and gives the students great insight into the challenges and rewards of starting or managing optometry practices in Australia



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  • The UNSW Optometry clinic, students and staff thank Tony Cosentino of BOC Instruments
  • Update on a provisional eye clinic at the Newtown Asylum Seeker Centre.
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