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Alumni Profile - Dr Lotte-Guri Bogfjellmo Sten

Lotte graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry from Kongsberg University College in 2003. She then pursued postgraduate studies and graduated with a Master's degree in Optometry from UNSW in 2005, and a PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)/Kongsberg University College in 2014. We catch up with Lotte.

Hi Lotte, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Do you have any memories of your time at UNSW you would like to share with our alumni?

I had a great time in Sydney, and learnt a lot during my year at UNSW. If I was to do it again, I would have spent 1.5 years doing the degree instead of only 1 year, since the year was quite hectic.

We were 5 Norwegians doing the degree full time that year, two from India, and one from Malaysia. We really enjoyed our time together. We learnt a lot from each other, and we enjoyed Sydney together. We also met many nice Australian optometrists who did their Master’s degree part time.

What have been doing since graduating from UNSW?

After I graduated from UNSW I continued my job as an Optometrist at the eye department at the University Hospital, St. Olavs Hospital, in Trondheim, Norway. There I mainly worked with children, strabismus, and advanced contact lens fittings. After that, I worked a couple of years at Specsavers, Mosjøen , Norway, before I started my PhD in 2009, which I completed in 2014. Today I work as a research optometrist at Oslo University Hospital.

What are your proudest achievements, both professional and other interests?

I would say that my proudest professional achievement is the completion of my PhD. Where I studied “ The effect of development and aging on direction discrimination of global motion in a healthy Norwegian population”.

My proudest personal achievement is my lovely daughter who’s almost 3 years old.

Congratulations on both those wonderful achievements.

Could you please tell us about your current role, and what you most enjoy about your current work?  What is next for you?

Today I work as a Research Optometrist at Oslo University Hospital, doing research at the Ophthalmological section.

Right now we’re doing research on Multiple Sclerosis patients, and we’re working continuously on a cornea register where we collect data on patients who underwent keratoplasty, we’re also doing examinations on keratoconus patients who underwent CXL-treatment, and we’re involved in a study regarding intraocular lens dislocation after cataract surgery. And we’re in the planning stage on a contrast sensitivity project.

I really enjoy working with patients and clinical research, since I then get to go deeper into the conditions, and we get to see the results of the different treatments.

What advice would you give to optometry students?

I would say that first of all, a genuine interest for optometry is the most important parameter to succeed. To be curious, and stay updated is very essential. The more you learn, the more interesting it becomes.

It is also important that the student likes to work with people, and is interested in finding a solution for each patient.

What qualities are important to succeed? 

Interest, eager to learn new things, and loving what you are doing.

We thank you very much, Lotte, for agreeing to be intereviewed for our Alumni Profile. We are extremely proud of all your achievements. A special mention, too, to the MOptom class of 2015; you are always welcome to visit if you are ever in Sydney again.

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