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Regular readers will note that we have changed the format of our newsletter from a PDF file to an e-newsletter, in line with other Schools within the Faculty of Science. However, the purpose of this newsletter remains the same: we aim to update you on what you and your fellow alumni and colleagues are doing, upcoming Alumni events, new courses and avenues for further study, the activities within the School, including by our staff and students and supporters. As always, we welcome contributions from our alumni to the Alumni news section so email any news items to

You will see that the regular sections have been maintained. There are gems of stories within each section so we encourage you to browse through. You will find out about our recent Super Saturday low vision workshop, myopia clinic, what the school does for the International Standards Organisation and the importance of stem cells. We aim for two newsletters per year. However, we also provide smaller updates throughout the year through our Facebook page which links to our School website. 

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