Venue Hire

The UNSW Optometry Clinic is conveniently located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and within the UNSW Australia campus in Kensington.


  • Open reception space with natural light including a children’s play area
  • Breakout/seating space
  • 27 self-contained consultation rooms
  • Kitchen facilities

Each SOVS Pre-clinic station and UNSW Optometry Clinic consulting room includes the following consumables:

  • Hand wash
  • Viraclean disinfection solution
  • Tissues
  • Saline
  • Fluourescein strips
  • Hand towels

Other equipment

  • 3 rooms with slit lamp video facilities. Each station and room has a slit lamp, phoropter and keratometer
  • The clinic also has a Medmont Corneal Topographer


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