ARVO 2018 Posters

A simpler test of Eye-Hand Coordination using an iPad - Barbara M Junghans, Vivien WC Cheung, Samuel C Tang & Sieu K Khuu

Identification and visualisation of a distinct micribiome in ocular surface and conjunctival tissue - Jerome Ozkan, Mark Willcox, Bernd Wemheuer, Torsten Thomas, Minas Coroneo

Measuring the appropriateness of Eye care in Australia: Protocol for a Retrospective Record Review - Kam Chun (Terry) Ho, Fiona Stapleton, Dian Rahardjo, Louise Wiles, Peter Hibbert, Andrew White, Isabelle Jalbert

Transmission of Pathogenic Bacteria to Contact Lenses from Storage Cases - Ajay Kumar Vijay, Anna Tang, Rhonda Pham, Jacqueline Tan and Mark Willcox

The Time-Course of Retention of Anti-Adhesion Activity of MEL4 Peptide-Coated Contact Lenses - Parthasarathi Kalaiselvan, Debarun Dutta, Savitri Sharma, Mark Willcox

Possession of exoU by Pseudomonas aeruginosa is associated with increased mutations in beta-lactam resistance genes - Dinesh Subedi, Ajay Kumar Vijay, Scott A. Rice, Mark Willcox

Is there meridional anisotropy in children with normal visual acuity and different astigmatic refractive errors? - Tiong Peng Yap, Chi Luu, Catherine Suttle, Audrey Chia, Mei Ying Boon

The Repeatability of Tear Film Measurements in Subjects with Dry Eye - Fiona Stapleton, Katherine Wong, Mark Willcox, Jacqueline Tan

Assessment of corneal nerve structure and peripheral nerve function in detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathy - Shyam Sunder Tummanapalli, Tushar Issar, Natalie wai, Ann Poynten, Arun Krishnan, Mark Willcox, Maria Markoulli