Course Outlines

Semester 2 2018 Undergraduate/Master of Clinical Optometry Course Outlines

VISN1101 Seeing the World: Perspectives from Vision Science
VISN1221 Visual Optics
OPTM2233 Optical Dispensing
VISN2211 Organisation and Function of the Visual System
OPTM3211 Optometry 3B
OPTM3231 Ocular Disease 3B
VISN3211 New Developments in Vision Science
OPTM6421 Binocular, Child & Low Vision
OPTM6422/OPTM4231 Clinical Optometry 4B
OPTM6423 Posterior Eye Therapeutics/OPTM4251 Ocular Therapeutics 4B
OPTM6424/OPTM4271 Professional Optometry
OPTM8522 Clinical Optometry 5B/ OPTM5211 Clinical Optometry 5B
OPTM8521 Clinical Contact Lenses/ OPTM5231 Specialist Clinical Optometry 5B
OPTM8523 Clinical Ocular Therapy 5B/ OPTM5251 Clinical Ocular Therapeutics 5B
OPTM8528 Research Project B/ OPTM5271 Research Project 5B

Semester 1 2018 Undergraduate/Master of Clinical Optometry Course Outlines

 VISN1111 Geometrical and Physical Optics
 OPTM2133 The Clinical Environment
 VISN2111 Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
 OPTM3111 Optometry 3A
 OPTM3131 Ocular Disease 3A
 VISN3111 Development and Aging of the Visual System
 OPTM6411 Contact Lenses
 OPTM6412/OPTM4131 Clinical Optometry 4A
 OPTM6413 Anterior Eye Therapeutics/OPTM4151 Ocular Therapeutics 4A
 OPTM8511 Clinical Paeds, LV and CV/ OPTM5131 Specialist Clinical Optometry 5A
OPTM8512/OPTM5111 Clinical Optometry 5A
 OPTM8513 Clinical Ocular Therapeuty 5A/ OPTM5151 Clinical Ocular Therapeutics 5A
 OPTM8518 Research Project A/ OPTM5171 Research Project 5A