Course outlines that appear below are for the last Term the course was offered.   Please note that all information, including the dates listed, course structure and course content are subject to change the next Term the course is offered.


8073: Master of Optometry 2022

To view how you can assemble your 72 UoC for the Master of Optometry, click this link. 


There are 12 - 18 UoC of Core Courses

OPTM7302 Evidence Based Optometry (6UoC)

OPTM7208 Research Skills (6 UoC), taken over two terms, OR

OPTM7218 Research Project (12 UoC) taken over three terms



Note: to view accepted externally available electives for 2022, see this link. below are internally offered electives. 

Term 1

OPTM7611 Introduction to Myopia

OPTM7003 Epidemiology of blinding eye diseases

OPTM7107 Ocular therapy (domestic only)

VISN5511 Visual system, impairments and implications

VISN5512 Sensory process and movement

VISN5513 Orientation and mobility foundations

Term 2

OPTM7006 Eye care program management

OPTM7107 Ocular therapy (cont. Term 1)

OPTM7205 Specialty Contact Lens Studies

OPTM6411 Contact Lenses

Term 3

OPTM7001 Introduction to Community Eye Health

OTPM7104 Advanced Contact Lens Studies

OTPM7115 Visual Neuroscience


7435: Graduate Certificate in Optometry 2022

Core Course:   OPTM7302 Evidence Based Optometry (6 UoC)

12 - 18 UoC of electives taken from 8073 Master of Optometry

6 UoC may be taken from prescribed Population Health and Business courses.


7436 Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics 2022

OPTM7107 Ocular Therapy 1 (12 Uoc) taken over one term (T1 and T2)

OPTM7117 Ocular Therapy 2 (12 UoC) taken over one term (T3)


5420 Diploma in Orientation and Mobility 2022

Term 1

VISN5511 The Visual System, Impairments & Implications (6 UoC)

VISN5512 Sensory Processes and Movement (6 UoC)

VISN5513 Orientation and Mobility Foundations: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion (6 UoC)


Term 2

VISN5521 Orientation and Mobility Techniques 6UoC

VISN5522 Vision Rehabilitation (6 UoC)

VISN5523 Orientation and Mobility in Practice A (6 UoC)


Term 3

VISN5523 Orientation and Mobility in Practice B (6 UoC)

VISN5531 Development and Ageing: Implications for Orientation and Mobility (6UoC)