All timetables are subject to change.

Term 2, 2019 timetables

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
    • Week 1 will be Introduction to Clinics . You will be required to attend classes for a significant proportion of the week, perhaps from 9-6pm each day. Attendance at the Introduction to Clinics is compulsory prior to entry to Stage 4 clinics.  You will be provided with details of the Introduction to Clinics schedule before classes commence.  In addition to the Introduction to Clinic activities in Week 1 you will also be required to attend scheduled classes as outlined in the Week 1 timetable below.
    • Clinic rotations commence from Week 2.
    • Your OPTM6412 and OPTM6421 group will be allocated by the School (therefore your attendance will be different to the group that you enrol into on myUNSW). You will be provided with details of your group before classes commenced.
    • Week One
    • Rotation One (Week 2-7)
    • Rotation Two (Week 8-11)
  • Stage 5 Clinic Planner
  • Week Pattern

Term 1, 2019 timetables