Dr Sieu Khuu becomes new Deputy Head of School

UNSW SOVS thanks outgoing Deputy Head of School, Associate Professor Isabelle Jalbert for her service

UNSW SOVS congratulates and thanks Associate Professor Isabelle Jalbert on the completion of her term as Deputy Head of School. We are excited to have Dr Sieu Khuu returning to this role.

Sieu’s research program is primarily focused in the discipline of visual perception with emphases on cognitive and visual neuroscience. This research seeks to understand the computational rules underlying the extraction and processing of visual information and how this information is used by the visual system to aid visually guided behaviour. He is also the course coordinator for VISN2211 Organisation and Function of the Visual system and VISN3211 New Development in Vision Science.

Sieu said of his new role that: “I'm looking forward to working in the role of Deputy Head of School and supporting Professor Lisa Keay in advancing Optometry and Vision Science in the university and boarder community.”

Congratulations Sieu and thank you Isabelle!