Optometry - BVisSc/MClinOptom

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Vision Science - BVisSc Program

Q. What are the career paths and prospects?

A. Vision Science is a new field with a wide variety of career options. Vision science graduates may find employment in the ophthalmic industries. Optical lens and contact lens manufacturers will require employees with a Vision Science graduates particular mix of skills and abilities when designing and developing new products. Multifocal lens design is a growth area in ophthalmic technology. The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to develop a range of new products for age related eye diseases. Laser and hologram technologies are being widely used in a wide range of products. Innovative products such as the bionic eye and the artificial cornea are being developed at UNSW. Scientists are needed to develop these laboratory solutions to commercial release. Laser refractive surgery is constantly being enhanced and improved. Scientists are needed to design and evaluate the effectiveness of these new surgical technologies. The opportunities in this emerging field are likely to be numerous and engagingly interesting. A career in academic teaching is available, particularly to those with higher degrees in Vision Science.