Higher Degree Research Topics

We offer research programs for graduates of optometry and other sciences. Research for a Master of Science by Research (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) can be undertaken in a diverse range of areas and disciplines including clinical optometry, applied research and basic research.  Possible topics include:

Anterior Segment and Contact Lenses

·         Tear film Biochemistry, ocular homeostasis and pathologyWillcox, Stapleton, Kumar, DattaMarkoulli

·         Ocular Pain and symptoms in dry eye and contact lens wearGolebiowski, Stapleton, VijayDatta

·         Ocular surface innervation and sensory function in ocular surface health and diseaseStapleton, Golebiowski, Markoulli, WillcoxJalbert

·         Epidemiology of contact lens related infection – Stapleton

·         Ocular microbiology and bacterial pathogenesisWillcox, Stapleton, Datta, Kumar

·         Ocular surface disease: influence of obesity and nutritionJalbert, GolebiowskiStapleton

·         Biomarkers in ocular surface disease – Markoulli, Willcox, Jalbert, Golebiowski, MadiganStapleton

·         OrthokeratologySwarbrick, KangMaseedupally

·         Myopia ControlKang, Swarbrick, Maseedupally, HuiWatt

·         Dry eyeGolebioswki, Stapleton, Jalbert, Markoulli, HuiDatta

·         Diabetes and the ocular surfaceMarkoulli, Willcox, JalbertGolebiowski

·         Keratoconus, vernal keratoconjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and other ocular surface conditions – Madigan, Stapleton, JalbertGolebiowski

·         Ocular drug deliveryHuiWillcox

·         Ocular surface therapeuticsTan-Showyin, Stapleton, JalbertHui

·         Sex Hormones and dry eyeGolebiowski, StapletonTan-Showyin

Posterior segment in health and disease

·         Role of the immune system in posterior segment disease – Madigan

·         Retinal Anatomy, physiology and pathologyMadigan, Kallionatis, Nivison-Smith

·         Ganglion Cell structure and function relationships – ZangerlKallionatis

·         Glaucoma managent – KallionatisZangerl

·         Neurochemistry of the normal and diseased retina - KallionatisNivison-Smith

·         Ocular disease diagnosis through ocular imaging - KallionatisNivison-Smith

·         Ocular tumours, ocular melanoma – Madigan

Optics and Applied Vision

·         A multi-modal optical coherence microscope for ultrahigh-resolution 3D imaging for ocular imaging –Roy

·         Functionalised nanoparticle as contrast agent in bio-imaging – Roy, StapletonWillcox

·         Blue light blocking lenses effects on visual and non-visual systems – Roy, Boon, KhuuDain

Vision Science

·         Development of the visual system, amblyopia, colour vision – BoonAsper

·         Vision throughout the lifespan – Boon

·         Binocular Vision –Asper

·         Low vision and visual rehabilitation, accident prevention –Boon

·         Visual electrophysiology, visual psychophysics, detection of brain abnormalities – BoonKhuu

·         Visual Processing – Khuu

·         Surface and Material Perception – KimKhuu

·         Multisensory experience of self-motion – Kim

·         Digital devices (smartphones and computers), eye strain and dry eye -AsperGolebiowski

Public Health Optometry

·         Access to eye care by asylum seeker and refugee communities in Australia – GolebiowskiWatt

·         Quality of eye care, evidence-based practice, health systems research – JalbertStapleton

·         Optometry patients’ use of alternative and complementary medicines – JalbertGolebiowski