OPTM 7308 Research Project

OPTM7308 Research Project consists of a two-term research project, with little or no teaching, and a large element of hands-on learning. You will be required to work on a research project with supervision, and this will include literature search, protocol development, ethical considerations, data collection, data analysis and a written report of your work. The course extends over two terms (12UOC), and you are expected to spend approximately 6 hours per week on your research project during each session. The research can be in your chosen area of interest, or you may choose a topic of interest from the list provided, and directly contact a member of academic staff or clinical / research staff at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, UNSW willing and able to supervise your work in the area.

Writing throughout the course will form a significant part of your research report, to be submitted at the end of the second term. The aim of the course is to develop skills in research, including an ability to search and critically read the literature, to consider ethical aspects of research, to analyse and interpret data, to communicate effectively your research findings and to identify ways in which your findings may change current thinking in your research area.