Photos from August 2016 Clinical Skill Workshop courtesy of Praveen Yerramothu

Increasingly therapeutic cases were presenting to my rooms and I was not able to fully service the needs of my patients.  (The course) was an opportunity to extend my knowledge and to be up to date with current trends within the industry. (The main benefit of the course at UNSW was) the blended eLearning delivery.  Being a busy working mum, having a flexible online program was great. I could listen to my lectures at any time I could fit them into my day (and listen to them multiple times if I wanted).  The webinars and discussion boards were great to connect and learn from other students. (Melinda Toomey, Narangba, QLD, Class of 2017)

 The impact (of the course) was instant. The knowledge gained from week to week was making a difference in my practice straight away. Understanding the mechanisms of systemic medications on the eye, being able to tell patients which allergy drops to use and explain the mechanism by which they work and why this suited their type of allergic conjunctivitis, dry eye patients benefited from understanding the mechanism of dry eye and the mechanism by which it causes chronic inflammation. My own understanding of what drops are made up of was really exciting as I can now look at the ingredients on a bottle and understand what they are for and which if any may not be appropriate for certain patients. Basically, I was able to explain to patients what was happening in their eyes and why it was happening as opposed to just handing over a bottle of lubricants and hoping for the best. (Kay Kariatlis, Cronulla, NSW, Class of 2017)

The benefits of the UNSW program were the) ability to study remotely via webinars and online assessments, no need to visit campus.  (The) program content provides good understanding of diseases and how to treat them within the context of current therapeutic legislation. (Richard Banks, Woollahra, NSW, Class of 2017)

I believe that by having a better understanding of conditions and treatments, I will be able to provide a better care to my patients and have better communication with the local ophthalmologists and GPs. (Jane Dinh, Menai, NSW, Class of 2017)

The program has definitely been empowering and created more opportunities to be of better service to my patients and community. I will be able to provide better and relevant care to my patients.  It definitely is a practice builder and has enhanced our professional standing in the community, recognition from general medical practitioners and ophthalmologists that we are able to provide eyecare to patients and not just purveyors of spectacles. (Jane Chin, Cairns, QLD, Class of 2017)