Jessie Huang-Lung

Research Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellow

Jessie’s research seeks to optimise eye care delivery, promote healthy aging and enhance the quality of life of people affected by vision impairment and ocular disease. Her PhD focused on improving glaucoma detection and management through collaborative care, patient self-monitoring of intraocular pressure and analysis of visual fields. Currently, she is involved in a project examining cataract surgery, refractive correction, falls risk and quality of life in older Australians. 

Jessie's optometric clinical experience spans across diverse contexts in Australia including educational institutions (Centre for Eye Health and Australian College of Optometry), independent practice in rural NSW, community health centres in NT and corporate practice in metropolitan Melbourne. Jessie also supported the development of optometry education in Vietnam during a 12-month volunteer assignment with the Brien Holden Vision Institute and Australian Volunteers Program.


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