Louise Katherine Wiles

Visiting Fellow

Dr Louise Wiles is a Research Fellow whose work focuses on the provision of safe and appropriate healthcare, and exploring novel ways (such as e-health) to implement health initiatives. Louise graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours 1) from the University of South Australia in 2000, after which she worked clinically as a physiotherapist for over 10 years in both public and private sectors. In 2013, Louise completed her PhD which used bibliometric and interview methods to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the evidence-base underpinning research published in a range of nursing and allied health professional journals in Australia. Continuing her work around quality and evidence-based practice in healthcare, Louise’s work on the recently concluded CareTrack Kids project (NHMRC Partnership Grant APP 1065898) saw the development, testing, evaluation and analysis of over 450 quality indicators that were applied in a large-scale medical record audit of nearly 7000 Australian children. Louise was Project Manager for a study (“STANDING Collaboration”) within the NHMRC Program Grant Creating safe, effective systems of care: The translational challenge (APP1054146), which explored stakeholder perspectives on clinical practice guidelines through qualitative interviews, pilot tested a new method for developing clinical practice guidelines, and evaluated the process using multimethod analyses. Her current projects include CareTrack Aged (NHMRC Project Grant APP1143223) which will assess the appropriateness of residents’ care and their quality of life in Australian residential aged care facilities, and the development and pilot testing of an e-health self-management intervention for people recovering from breast cancer with ongoing pain.



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