Ms Kay Dulhunty

School Manager

School Manager

Kay is a highly experienced member of the professional staff, having been with the School since 1995, and in other positions at UNSW prior to that.  During this period, she completed a Certificate IV in Business Management and a Diploma of Management.

Kay was initially in student administration roles in the School, before moving to operational administration and becoming School Manager in 2013.

As School Manager, Kay is responsible for the effective and efficient operational management of the School and for providing proactive leadership within the School.  In particular, leading the School through effective change as part of the UNSW 2025 strategy.

Her position is accountable for business operations of the School, including financial management, human resources, physical resources and student support services.

Kay’s position also forms part of the Faculty Administrative Management team and contributes to the development and implementation of Faculty-wide policy, procedures and systems in line with University directions and requirements.