New PhD position at the CFEH


Towards cost-effective care for preventing disability from progressive vision loss.

A new PhD position investigating the economics of care for vision loss is now available with A/Prof Gordon S. Doig, Head of Research at the Centre for Eye Health (CFEH), School of Optometry and Vision Science, UNSW. A/Prof Gordon Doig has recently joined CFEH after 20 years with NSW Health. He has established expertise in health services research, practice efficiency, the assessment of health outcomes and health economics.

This new PhD position will investigate the economic benefits arising from the timely delivery of interventions such as health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation strategies to reduce disability from progressive vision loss. Increased understanding of these care related costs will help identify and promote efficient and effective models of health delivery.

Relevant qualifications to secure entry to the UNSW PhD program are required. Experience with health services research, health economics and/or practice management are desirable.

This PhD position is contingent on the candidate’s ability to secure a competitive scholarship through the Domestic Research Training Program (RTP) or similar. If RTP (or similar) funding cannot be secured, CFEH may provide a primary scholarship of up to $20,000 per year for qualifying applicants. A top-up component from the CFEH up to the value of $10,000 (dependent on primary scholarship conditions) is also available for eligible candidates.

The complete PhD supervisory team will include: A/Prof Gordon Doig, Dr Angelica Ly, Dr Lisa Nivison-Smith and Prof Michael Kalloniatis.

Contact: A/Prof Gordon S. Doig at

Applicants should first confirm eligibility for UNSW PhD program (