Summer Vacation Research Scholarships Now Available

UNSW Science Vacation Research Scholarships are now available.  There are a number of highly competitive summer research scholarships available to currently enrolled undergraduate students in second year or above. This scheme will enable students to gain valuable research experience, supervised by our international team of academics at state of the art research facilities at UNSW. 

Professors Stapleton and Swarbrick Recognised in American Academy of Optometry Awards

Professor Fiona Stapleton and Professor Helen Swarbrick from the UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science have been recognised by their peers and will this year be awarded at the American Academy of Optometry in the US during their annual conference in November 2018. Professor Stapleton has been awarded the Glenn A Fry Lecture Award and Professor Helen Swarbrick, the Max Shapero Lecture Award. 

Launch of New Dry Eye Clinic

The UNSW Optometry Clinic is delighted to launch its new Dry Eye Clinic.  Located on the Kensington campus at UNSW Sydney, this Clinic is to be spearheaded by Dr Maria Markoulli who is currently a Senior Lecturer and Optometrist at the UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science.

We envisage that the Dry Eye Clinic at UNSW Sydney will become: 

Humans of SOVS: Barbara Junghans

"Its almost been forty-three years since I started Orienteering. When I was young, I rose to elite ranks, but spinal and knee injuries reduced me to walking. I’ve actually had a lot of injuries, but they never stop me. When one of my major tendons tore I just started doing the tracks on crutches.

Doing well in Orienteering is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Fitness alone won’t help if you choose a bad course. That’s why we often call the sport “cunning running,” but in my case, I prefer to call it “cunning walking!”

We are Hiring! Seeking a New Staff Optometrist for SOVS

We are hiring!  UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science is currently seeking a new Staff Optometrist. This role is to develop and maintain excellence in clinical patient care, teaching and research in our UNSW Optometry Clinic with a special focus on paediatrics and myopia progression control. If this role sounds like you - then click here for full details including position description and selection criteria.

Humans of SOVS: PhD Student: Praveen Yerramothu

Photographing birds is pretty different to photographing humans. For one, you can’t schedule a time to see them. You need to do your research in order to know where you might find them but even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll show up. Some birds are notoriously elusive and require many hours of patient waiting to spot. They’re also not the type to meet at a comfortable gallery indoors. You need to find them in their own habitat.

Humans of SOVS: Dr Sieu Khuu

"Tending to a Bonsai tree has a lot in common with gardening. There’s always something to do whether its watering, pruning or checking for pests. And when you have over sixty Bonsai like I do, you can imagine it keeps you quite busy! But what I love about Bonsai in particular is this artistic element.  It’s about finding the beauty within the tree and bringing it out. 


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