Humans of SOVS: Dr Sieu Khuu

"Tending to a Bonsai tree has a lot in common with gardening. There’s always something to do whether its watering, pruning or checking for pests. And when you have over sixty Bonsai like I do, you can imagine it keeps you quite busy! But what I love about Bonsai in particular is this artistic element.  It’s about finding the beauty within the tree and bringing it out. 

Humans of SOVS: Dr Maria Markoulli

Profile: Dr Maria Markoulli: I’ve been singing in a choir since 2012. At that time, I’d just finished my PhD and really craved a musical group environment. Attending my first rehearsal was a bit nerve wracking. Part of me was worried that I would embarrass myself and never come back. But on the contrary, choir turned out to be an amazing experience. I was struck by how inspiring it was to watch a group of people come together and create such beautiful music. They sang so effortlessly and yes, harmoniously.

Currently Seeking: Placement Hosts for 2018

Would you be interested in hosting a final year UNSW optometry student for a clinical placement during 2018?

We are seeking practices to host a student for a 6-week clinical placement in the greater Sydney area. This is a new placement program for 2018 where the primary aim is for students to examine (under supervision) at least 50 patients during the 6-week period. 

Students would attend: 

Professor Willcox visits Spaienza Universita Di Roma

Professor Mark Willcox recently visited Spaienza Universita Di Roma to give a talk and to meet with Professor Marialuisa Mangoni. Professor Mangoni’s research focusses on antimicrobial peptides.

Professors Willcox and Mangoni, along with Dr Dutta from the School, have recently published a paper describing the ability of frog-skin derived peptides, esculentins, to prevent the adhesion of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to contact lenses (


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