Humans of SOVS: Dr Maria Markoulli

Profile: Dr Maria Markoulli: I’ve been singing in a choir since 2012. At that time, I’d just finished my PhD and really craved a musical group environment. Attending my first rehearsal was a bit nerve wracking. Part of me was worried that I would embarrass myself and never come back. But on the contrary, choir turned out to be an amazing experience. I was struck by how inspiring it was to watch a group of people come together and create such beautiful music. They sang so effortlessly and yes, harmoniously.

Currently Seeking: Placement Hosts for 2018

Would you be interested in hosting a final year UNSW optometry student for a clinical placement during 2018?

We are seeking practices to host a student for a 6-week clinical placement in the greater Sydney area. This is a new placement program for 2018 where the primary aim is for students to examine (under supervision) at least 50 patients during the 6-week period. 

Students would attend: 

Professor Willcox visits Spaienza Universita Di Roma

Professor Mark Willcox recently visited Spaienza Universita Di Roma to give a talk and to meet with Professor Marialuisa Mangoni. Professor Mangoni’s research focusses on antimicrobial peptides.

Professors Willcox and Mangoni, along with Dr Dutta from the School, have recently published a paper describing the ability of frog-skin derived peptides, esculentins, to prevent the adhesion of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to contact lenses (

SOVS Staff Attend International Colour Vision Society Symposium in Germany

The 24th biennial symposium of the International Colour Vision Society was held in Erlangen, Germany, 18-22 August.  Dr Mei Ying Boon gave a presentation entitled “Age-related changes in chromatic and achromatic contrast sensitivity in young people, as assessed using a tablet computer-based test” by Mei Ying Boon, Lakshmi Bodduluri and Stephen J Dain.

Faculty of Science Summer Vacation Scholarships Available

The Faculty of Science at UNSW is offering a number of highly competitive summer research scholarships to currently enrolled undergraduate students who are planning to continue their studies at postgraduate research level in the future. This scheme will enable students to gain valuable research experience, supervised by our international team of academics at state of the art research facilities at UNSW or through our industrial partners.

Contact Lens Health Week 21-25 August 2017

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in collaboration with partners, is promoting the fourth annual Contact Lens Health Week from August 21-25, 2017. This year's campaign theme is "healthy habits mean healthy eyes" and focuses on encouraging youth to start healthy habits early, for healthy eyes later.The campaign aims to promote health contact lens wear and care practices that can help reduce the chance of eye infections and injures related to contact lens use.


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