Peer mentees benefit from the experience and advice of fourth year students. The School of Optometry and Vision Science, along with the University generally, have a huge number of opportunities for students. Peer mentors are there to help you make the most of Uni life by hitting the ground running. There are also plenty of differences between high school and university that peer mentors can help you navigate. As fourth years, your mentors will also have experience of the classes you will soon be doing. Their knowledge and experience can give you a leg up. 

The peer mentoring program is also an opportunity to begin making friends with your new peers and the friends you make during university may end up being your friends for life. Also, Optometry and Vision Science, like all degrees, can be challenging at times so developing a group of study buddies early on is a great way to help your academic progress. 

2015 peer mentoring program
2015 UNSW peer mentoring team

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Jingxin Tang Timothy Nguyen
Jingxin Tang
Timothy Nguyen
Hi! My name is Jingxin and I’m a fourth year Optometry student. I am currently working as optical assistant at 1001 Optical. I enjoy travelling, meeting new friends from different culture backgrounds, and learning new languages. I love playing badminton. Big fan of Bayern Munich, enjoy live streaming Bundesliga at 2am (Oops...can’t wake up for morning lecture). I would like to share some study tips as well as my experience on campus with you. I look forward to getting to know you and welcome to UNSW!

Hello everyone!!! My name is Timothy. 

Currently I’m working at OPSM as a part-time optical dispenser and have been working in a clinic for almost 2 years now. On occasions, I also participate in volunteering events such as the Easter show, the Colour Run and Light the Night. Whenever I have free time, I like to travel, but due to COVID I’ve been having fun travelling around Sydney, enjoying hikes, going on huge shopping sprees and I’m also a big foodie. 

I know the transition from high school to Uni may be daunting for some, as I had experienced myself. I would like to kick-start an important journey to your future studies. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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Anthony Le Casey Phan Brianna Nguyen
Anthony Le
Casey Phan
Brianna Nguyen

Hi everyone! 

My name is Anthony and I am an Optometry student. I currently work at Specsavers Ashfield as an Optical Assistant and have been with Specsavers for almost four years. My favourite hobbies to do in my spare time include going to the gym, hiking, bouldering and playing badminton. I also love playing with my puppy corgi Momo, he is only three months old and I love taking him on walks and giving him belly tickles! 

Currently, I work at OPSM as an optical dispenser and have been employed there since 2018. In my spare time, my hobbies include working out at the gym, martial art training and socialising with friends and family. My guilty pleasure is discovering new aesthetic brunch places to eat out at. During term break, I generally travel with friends as well. As soon as international travel is allowed again, Japan is next on my list! Overall, I would like to think I am extremely outgoing and friendly, and I just love being around different people!  

Hi guys, I’m Brianna! In my spare time I enjoy climbing, watching anime, Kpop, playing Minecraft, making crafts and eating malatang. Let me know if you have any good food recommendations, I’m always up for trying something new! When I’m not drowning in course material, you can find me at Ashfield Specsavers where I’ve been working for the past 2 years as an optical assistant.

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Yoo Na An Leona Ngo Sylvia Wang
Yoo Na An
Leona Ngo
Sylvia Wang

Hello I’m Eunice! My personal experience in Optometry has been a little bumpy but overall satisfying and really fun. Spending most of my time outside university as a tutor, I value the relationships I make with people whether it may be temporary or lasting and enjoy having conversations about anything. I’m person with many small aspirations and goals starting from learning a new instrument and  crafting to earning random certificates, some of which I’ve already achieved. I’m also an avid fan of eating, this means, most of holiday is spent on satisfying my appetite with people that share this passion.  

Hi! My name is Leona, and I am excited to be your peer mentor! I love a leisurely read in my spare time and going out to eat lots of yummy food! My current book is Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty (super valuable) and my favourite eatery right now is Two Chaps Marrickville! I have been working at Eyecare Network in Canley Heights since First Year. I love sharing wisdom to others and I hope to be a kind, compassionate and welcoming peer mentor who will make your experience from high school to university smooth, memorable, and fun!  

Hi, I’m Sylvia and I’m here to help YOU kickstart an awesome university experience at UNSW! I’m currently studying as well as working as an optical dispenser and piano teacher. My hobbies are sleeping, eating and watching webdramas or anime. I’m always on the lookout for new things to try through the many society and volunteering opportunities available at UNSW, including climbing through the roof of Science Theatre and operating spotlights! You can also count on me to know where the best eats and sunset view is on campus ;) I can’t wait to meet you all!  

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Alexandra Clark Madeline Hughes
Alexandra Clark
Madeline Hughes

Hey I’m Alex, and I’m really looking forwards to meeting you guys in 2021! I currently work as an optical dispenser in the south of Sydney. When I’m not working or studying, I love to spend time outdoors. Whether that’s going for a bushwalk, exploring somewhere I haven’t been before or catching up with mates. I’ve also been expanding my baking repertoire lately and enjoy trying out new food spots. Having spent the last 3 years searching for the best food and coffee on campus, I’m happy to give recommendations if needed! 

Hi! I’m Maddie 😊  

I got to meet some really great friends as a mentee in first year and hope that you guys do too! I grew up on the Central Coast, though have spent the last few years living in Sydney working as an optical dispenser and studying. I did a year of nursing before starting optometry, and I’m so glad I made the switch. I’m a big fan of travel and love getting to experience new places, the culture and of course the food! In summer you’ll find me at the beach and in winter I love to go skiing!  

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Maximillian Nguyen Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran

Hey guys I'm Max, currently doing a Masters of Optometry. Vision Science was a wonderful degree for me to explore my fascination towards the visual system. It was also a challenging course and I'll be here to answer any of your queries about studying techniques or university life in general. When I am not studying, I spend my time volunteering at a school for the impaired, playing/coaching tennis and modifying + driving cars with UNSW Car society!

Hi everybody, I have found the optometry course at UNSW challenging yet rewarding for myself throughout these years, and I hope you guys do too in the next few years. 

Currently, I’m in the process of becoming a volunteer with St John’s ambulance since I can meet more people and help the community out at the same time.  

In my personal time I casually play some games such as Overwatch, Valorant, and League of Legends (good taste right?). I also like to dabble a little bit with k-dramas, tv shows, and true crime stories. I’m looking forward to meeting everybody, and I hope we can chill and have fun.

Zhilin Choo  
Zhilin Choo

I am Zhilin and I currently work for Specsavers as an Optical Assistant. I love my job because it gives me good training on customer service for the future and it is never boring. In my free time, I love to play piano and violin but if I want a quick wind down after studying I like to watch some Chinese drama too.


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Lucy Nguyen Karuna Darvesh
Lucy Nguyen
Karuna Darvesh

"Hi there! I’m Lucy and I split my time between studying optometry and working at Specsavers North Sydney. You’ll often find me trying my best to nap on the train or listening to music – I mean, studying on the train. During my days off, I like to sleep in or go for long walks and admire the scenery around me. I love puns and would love to hear the in-SIGHT-ful and im-MACULA-te ones you can come up with. I hope you enjoy your 1st year of uni and every moment is worth your time."

My name is Karuna and I’m currently working at Specsavers. I enjoying playing sports such as cricket, badminton and netball and I have attained a brown belt in Karate. I am currently learning an Indian classical dance form called Bharatnatyam. I also enjoy playing video games and going to the gym. I also love volunteering and helping others. I like challenging myself and it has helped me to balance my social life with work and uni. I would love to share my experience and give advice to our new students to help in managing all their commitments with this demanding but rewarding degree. 

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Saiyeththeya Nanthapoopan Johnson Tran
Saiyeththeya nanthapoopan
johnson Tran

Hi, my name is saiyeththeya or sai for short !  

I am well into the vision science/ optometry program and have enjoyed every aspect of the journey so far. Taking part in peer mentoring myself in first year made an immense difference to my university experience. I hope to shed some light on how rewarding UNSW optometry will be for you, introduce you to the ins and outs of university life and most importantly have fun in this process. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you and being there to answer your questions. A little bit about myself, I currently work with Specsavers as an optical dispenser and in my spare time I love to read, travel and snuggling up with my new puppy.  

My name is Johnson Tran, and I am one of your peer mentors for 2021. Currently I am a 4th year Optometry student who also juggles part-time work as an optical assistant at Specsavers and tutoring HSC Chemistry students. My hobbies include distance running and playing Ultimate Frisbee. 

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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