Are you going to be in fourth year of the Bachelor of Optometry Bachelor of Science or first year of Master of Clinical Optometry in 2023?

Are you interested in being a mentor to first year optometry and vision science students?

The University has implemented a peer mentoring program and we are now recruiting mentors for the Optometry program in 2023.  This program revolves around social interaction and support rather than academic tutoring.

Why a mentoring program?

We all remember how difficult it can be adjusting from High School to University.  This holds particularly in Optometry where most of the courses in the first session of first year are servicing courses (basic sciences) and we can be left wondering what this has to do with Optometry and whether, perhaps, we have made the right choice.   Those of you in the latter years of the program now understand the importance of having the foundation of these disciplines and applying them to what you do now.

We need your help

The School is committed to helping students through what can be a very difficult period in their university life and needs a number of volunteers to be trained as mentors.  You will be required to attend a training session for one day later this year (morning tea and lunch will be provided) at the University.  Your commitment after that will be to present a brief talk to commencing students during O-Week and then ‘mentor’ a small group of students (the mentees) in the ways of UNSW life for approximately one hour per week for the first 8 weeks of Term 1.  Please consider this program seriously – the time commitment is not huge and the rewards are potentially great in the way of personal satisfaction.  The experience itself would have many benefits and mentors receive a certificate which helps in a CV to demonstrate your commitment to the community of the profession.

Those interested in becoming a peer mentor should sign up here

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