Children's Vision Clinic

The UNSW Optometry Clinic runs a dedicated children’s clinic on Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and Fridays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm during the UNSW terms to cater specifically for infants, young children and primary school-aged children.

We are open to the general public and comprehensive vision and eye health assessments (not just vision screenings) are performed by final year Optometry students under the supervision of experienced optometrists who have post-graduate qualifications in children’s vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not require a formal referral to attend our clinic. However, if you have been given a written referral to the UNSW Optometry Clinic by your local optometrist, medical practitioner or other health care professional, please forward a copy of the referral to reception at least 48 hrs before your child’s scheduled appointment either by fax (02) 9313 8604 or email

The time taken for your child’s comprehensive vision assessment will vary depending on their age and the type and severity of their visual difficulties.  As a general guideline we allow up to 1.5 hrs for school-aged children, which includes the initial testing as well as discussions about treatment options and recommendations.  Review appointments are usually shorter.

  • Your child’s previous spectacles (or spectacle prescriptions)
  • A list of any regular medications they use and any known allergies
  • If your child has learning difficulties, any relevant reports from your child’s school or other professionals (e.g. Paediatrician, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist) 
  • Food and/or other distractions for additional children in attendance

The decision to use drops as part of the diagnostic evaluation is made on a case-by-case basis. You will be advised as early as possible in the consultation if this is required. It is, therefore, wise to prepare for a longer consultation should this situation eventuate.

Spectacles may be prescribed due to blurry vision caused by long or short sightedness, to reduce visual stress caused by prolonged periods of close focus when reading or using electronic devices, or to improve the ability of the eyes to work together.  Other treatments may include contact lenses, vision therapy and myopia control programs.

As part of our complete service, the UNSW Optometry Clinic has a wide selection of fashionable kids’ frames to fit all ages including babies and toddlers.  We can advise you on all the factors to consider, including the type of lenses and frames most suited to your child’s age, vision, comfort, and the intended use of the spectacles. Our prices are well below retail prices, and then discounted by up to 20% if you attend our student clinics. We also have competitively priced package deals for kids.

To book an appointment at the Children's Vision Clinic: 

Telephone: (02) 9385 4624