Location & Contact Details

The UNSW Optometry Clinic is located at:

Ground Floor,

Rupert Myers Building (North Wing)

Gate 14 Barker Street

UNSW, Sydney


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Parking and location of the UNSW Optometry Clinic

  • Enter UNSW, Sydney via Gate 14, Barker Street, Kensington and turn right on to Southern Drive. This driveway passes the School of Optometry and Vision Science and the entry to the UNSW Optometry Clinic
  • At the end of Southern Drive is the entry to the Multi-Level Parking Station
  • Immediately after entering the Multi-Level Parking Station, directly in front, are 4 parking spaces painted white and signposted “Registered Optometry Clinic Patients Only”
  • If you park in one of the free parking spaces, please make sure you sign in at reception with your registration number to avoid a parking fine
  • If these spaces are not available, there are metered parking spaces only on Level 5 in the Multi-Level Parking Station
  • Disabled parking spaces are also available in the Multi-Level Parking Station

Contact Details

          Operating hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.