ORLAB, Room LG22, Old Main Building, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, 2052, Australia
How to find ORLAB

Our People

Name Title   Email Address
Dr Maitreyee Roy Director    maitreyee.roy@unsw.edu.au
Mr Brian Cheng Measurement, Calibrations and Quality Coordinator   bbcheng@unsw.edu.au
Mr Muhammad Kaleem Technical Officer   m.kaleem@unsw.edu.au
Mr Ashley Ang Technical Officer   ashley.ang@unsw.edu.au
Ms Olga Pitt Customer Services Officer   olga.pitt@unsw.edu.au
Emeritus Professor Stephen Dain Consultant   s.dain@unsw.edu.au


A procedure for handling complaints is available on request. Please contact orlab@unsw.edu.au