The January Edition of Eye & Contact Lens

Eye & Contact Lens has three papers from members of the School. This issue is a special issue on contact lens discomfort and features papers from a symposium held in Seattle, WA, USA in April 2016. At the symposium Professor Stapleton presented a talk entitled “Impact on Contact Lens Discomfort of Lens Materials, Design and Fitting” and Professor Willcox presented a talk entitled “Role of Inflammation in Contact Lens Discomfort”. The journal edition contains full peer reviewed review articles stemming from these presentations, as well as a peer reviewed original research articles by Masoudi, Zhao, Stapleton and Willcox entitled “Contact lens-induced discomfort and inflammatory mediator changes in tears”.

The Stapleton and Tan article concludes that comfort is affected by the tightness of lens fitting – tighter lenses, better comfort, as well as the coefficient of friction of the lens surface – more friction, less comfort. The Willcox article concludes that contact lens discomfort is not associated with major inflammatory changes to the ocular surface, or the appearance of inflammatory mediators (such as cytokines) in tears. However, there may be an association with lipid degradation products such as lysophospholipids and lipid aldehydes. Finally, the Masoudi et al paper, which examined changes in the concentration of several inflammatory mediators in tears found an association of contact lens discomfort with the appearance of the arachidonic acid metabolite leukotriene B4 in tears.

There are eight other papers in this edition – some also on contact lens discomfort – demonstrating a possible role of meibomian gland dysfunction or a persons ethnicity. Happy reading!