A New Eye-Hand Coordination App

The School of Optometry and Vision Science (SOVS) at UNSW Australia has just released an iPad app to test eye-hand coordination in a games-like manner with proven appeal to children and adults  ($2.99 at the iTunes App Store, just click here). 

The “L-R Eye-Hand Coordination App” overcomes a number of issues with existing EHC tests and provides objective reporting of time taken and number of errors made tracing various shapes using a stylus.  The app was conceived by Kiseok Robin Lee during his PhD candidacy with us and designed by Malcolm Ryan from the School of Computing Science and Engineering at UNSW, with support from Catherine Suttle, Barbara Junghans and Sieu Khuu at SOVS.

The app’s repeatability/reliability and degrees of difficulty for the various levels have been verified on adults and children.  Importantly, there is preliminary evidence that performance on the L-R EHC Test differentiates amblyopes from normals.

As the visual pathway and its interactions with other centres in the brain is complex, this app may be useful to optometrists, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, paediatricians, neurologists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists and remedial educationalists.

Detailed instructions/background are available from our Clinic website (click here).  Why not become an early adopter and support the refinement of this app into a standard clinical tool?