Vision Loss and Healthy Ageing

Population growth and ageing will increase the number of people with vision loss. Vision loss presents unique functional, physical, emotional and social challenges for people as they age. The primary goal of our research is to investigate the mechanisms that promote or inhibit healthy ageing in people with vision loss. This understanding informs the design, implementation and evaluation of pragmatic health promotion interventions which aim to tackle the major issues faced by this population. 

The major areas of research in the vision loss and healthy ageing research group are: 

  • Falls, injuries and physical health 

  • Mental health 

  • Driver safety 

  • Cost effectiveness of orientation and mobility training 

We use multi-methodological approaches to achieve our research goals. This includes epidemiologic studies, in-depth qualitative inquiries, large scale data-linkage using health data, implementation science principles and co-production with community partners and end-users. Our multidisciplinary research group includes leading epidemiologists and health care practitioners in the areas of optometry, psychology, and medicine. 

Our researchers have published their findings in international journals and presented at prestigious international conferences, including the Association for Research and Vision in Ophthalmology (ARVO) meeting, the World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion and the International Symposium of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA). 

Current local members 

Professor Lisa Keay, Role: Professor 

Ms Lisa Dillon, Role: Research Associate 

Dr Mei-Ying Boon, Role: Research Associate 

Dr Sharon Oberstein, Role: Research Associate 

Ms Helen Nguyen, Role: Research Assistant 

Ms Jade Chang, Role: PhD student 

Mr Ye Peng Peng, Role: PhD student 

External Associates 

A/Prof Bamini Gopinath, University of Sydney 

Prof Maree Hackett, The George Institute for Global Health, UNSW 

Dr Lil Deverell, Swinburne University 

Dr Vijaya Gothwal, Visiting Professor, SOVS UNSW Sydney, LV Prasad Eye Institute, India 

A/Prof Anne Tiedemann, University of Sydney 

Prof Cathie Sherrington, University of Sydney 

A/Prof Kris Rogers, The George Institute for Global Health, UNSW 

Prof Pradeep Ramulu, Johns Hopkins University 

Prof Peter McCluskey, Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney 

Prof Lindy Clemson, University of Sydney 

Prof Rebecca Ivers, UNSW 

Prof Stephen Jan, The George Institute for Global Health, UNSW 

Dr Maoyi Tian, The George Institute for Global Health, China 

Prof Kathleen Clapham, Australian Health Services Research Institute, The University of Wollongong 

Prof Judy Simpson, The University of Sydney