Research Projects


  • Ocular symptoms and ocular pain in dry eye and contact lens wear
  • Ocular surface innervation and sensory function in ocular surface health and disease
  • Biomarkers in ocular surface disease
  • Sex hormones and dry eye
  • Ocular surface inflammation in youth
  • Optometry patients’ use of alternative and complementary medicines
  • The role of oestrogen in dry eye in women before and after menopause
  • Eye discomfort during smartphone use
  • Testosterone and oestrogen supplementation in dry eye
  • Dry eye, obesity and nutrition
  • Tear film biochemistry
  • Ocular allergy – signs, symptoms and innervation
  • Corneal and conjunctival innervation in ocular discomfort
  • Dry eye and contact lens wear 
  • Post LASIK dry eye

Ocular Comfort Index in Chinese - OCI-C 

This is the first validated questionnaire in the Chinese language designed to evaluate ocular symptoms in a Chinese population. The OCI-C was translated from the original Ocular Comfort Index and validated using both Rasch and conventional analysis. Chao C, Golebiowski B, Cui Y, Stapleton F. Deveopment of a Chinese version of the Ocular Comfort Index. IOVS 2014.


1. Complete the OCI-C

2. Calculate total score using the OCI calculator

3. Convert the total score obtained from the OCI calculator using the conversion table provided in 1.