Sharon Oberstein

Deputy Clinic Director, UNSW Optometry Clinic, Low Vision
Senior Lecturer

Sharon qualified as an optometrist in South Africa (Cum laude). Sharon has worked in private optometric practice and university low vision clinics in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia. Her research area concerns driving with central visual impairment, the topic of her PhD, and for which she was awarded the 2015 Menzies Research Scholarship in Allied Health Sciences. She co-ordinates the low vision clinics and is the Deputy Clinic Director of the UNSW Optometry Clinic. Advanced skills in low vision have led to invitations to lecture at optometric and multi-disciplinary conferences and contribute to rehabilitation planning committees.  


Research Groups

Research Topics

  • Blue light blocking lenses, effects on visual and non-visual systems
  • Ageing and road safety


Journal articles
Boon M; Oberstein SL; Chu BS; Wood JM, 2016, 'Views and practices of Australian optometrists regarding driving for patients with central visual impairment.', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, vol. 99, pp. 476 - 483,
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