Professor Arthur Ho

Visiting Professorial Fellow



Currently the Chief Scientist at the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI), in addition to an appointment as Visiting Professorial Fellow at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, UNSW, Arthur Ho is also a Voluntary Professor of Ophthalmology at the Miller’s School of Medicine, University of Miami, USA.

Receiving a PhD in 1990 for research into the permeability of the corneal epithelium and endothelium as a result of contact lens wear and corneal surgery, Arthur began his involvement in research in 1978, assisting in the first over-night cornea swelling studies at the Cornea and Contact Lens Research Unit (eventually, Institute for Eye Research and currently BHVI). His early participation in the development of the first high-precision optical pachometer (the “Holden-Payor pachometer”) which paved the way to understanding the oxygen needs of the contact lens-wearing eye, developed in Arthur a belief that new knowledge and discoveries are often gained through facilitation by new technology. Thus he maintains a focus on the development of innovative devices and instrumentation for research. This emphasis on device and technology development sees Arthur named as an inventor on over 40 families of issued patents additionally with over 50 pending.

While his areas of interest in optometric research is broad, Arthur’s current research focus is in myopia and presbyopia and particularly in understanding the opto-mechanical characteristics of the accommodation system.