Staff Promotions

UNSW SOVS congratulates Drs Blanka Golebiowski and Sieu Khuu on their recent promotion to Associate Professor, effective 1 January 2020.

Blanka Golebiowski's research aims to advance the understanding of mechanisms behind dry eye and eye pain, and to inform the development of new, effective, and ultimately curative treatments and management strategies. Blanka’s current focus includes study of the role of sex hormones in dry eye (funded by the Australian Research Council) and the effects of smartphone use and contact lens wear on ocular surface health in children and adolescents. In addition, Blanka has an active clinical and research interest in improving eye health and access to eye care by disadvantaged populations, including asylum seekers and refugees. She co-ordinates the UNSW Eye Clinic based at the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown, and has received the AMP Tomorrow Fund award for this work. Blanka is a committed and enthusiastic student research supervisor and has received the UNSW Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence for her services to postgraduate research supervision. Prior to commencing her academic career, Blanka practised optometry in rural and metropolitan regions of Australia and New Zealand, and worked as a principal investigator liaising with industry on clinical trials of contact lenses.

Sieu Khuu's research program is primarily focused in the discipline of visual perception with emphases on cognitive and visual neuroscience. This research seeks to understand the computational rules underlying the extraction and processing of visual information and how this information is used by the visual system to aid visually guided behaviour. This research focuses on the following areas: 1) To contribute to the understanding of visual perception with emphasis on the computational processes that underlies the perception of 3D motion and form. 2) To understand how the visual system detects image contrast, and how efficient and focused measures of this visual function can be applied to vision screening and the diagnosis of visual dysfunction.

Well done Blanka and Sieu!