Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management

Interested candidates for the 2021 program can contact Anne Barnes at to register their interest. The 2021 program will commence in mid-February

Key Features of Program

  • Postgraduate degree in Myopia Management
  • Diverse theoretical and practical contents
  • Flexible online delivery
  • Lectures by leading Australian and international speakers
  • Placement at UNSW SOVS Myopia Clinic

UNSW SOVS is excited to offer the first postgraduate degree in the clinical management of myopia in the world- the Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management. By 2050, it is predicted that half the world’s population will be myopic, presenting a significant clinical and public health challenge.  Primary eye health care practitioners play an important role in addressing this challenge.

This course is designed to not only empower practicing clinicians by teaching the latest clinical knowledge in myopia management, but by also fostering life-long learning skills in accordance with the principles of Evidence Based Practice (EBP).

The key features of this UNSW program is as follows:

  • Postgraduate degree in Myopia Management – the first officially recognised tertiary degree in the field of myopia management. Further, the credit from this program may be transferred for higher degrees (e.g. Masters of Optometry).
  • Diverse theoretical and practical contents – the contents of the course includes, but not limited to, the scientific theory of myopia development and myopia control strategy, clinical skills and incorporating myopia management into your practice. This course places a particular emphasis on the concept of EBP and life-long learning to empower clinicians to incorporate the latest research evidence in this emerging and rapidly developing field.
  • Flexible online delivery – all theoretical component of this course is delivered online, including an interactive webinar tutorial.
  • Lectures by leading Australian and international speakers – the lectures are delivered by leading Australian (including academics and clinicians from UNSW, BHVI and other institutes/universities) and international speakers in the field of myopia management and research. Theses speakers will also be delivering the webinar.
  • Placement at UNSW SOVS Myopia Clinic – the clinical component of the course will be taught via placement at the UNSW Myopia Clinic.

This program is for trained and established local and international optometrists. It isn’t appropriate for people intending to train for registration to practice as an optometrist.

“The course gave a good overview with sufficient depth of information on the important concepts and topics related to myopia management.  I would recommend this course to my friends and anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge on myopia and management.” (Catherina Leung, QLD, Class of 2019)


Applicants for admission to any of the postgraduate coursework programs should visit the Future Students website where an application may be completed on-line.

To express your interest, or if you have further enquiries, please contact the teaching support administrative officer Fiona Anderson at:


For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management, view the 2021 handbook.