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Program and Plan Structures

Vision Science Program Structure:

Vision Science 3181 program structure
Vision Science/Clinical Optometry 3182 program structure
Clinical Optometry 8095 program structure


Vision Science 3970 and 3962 Plans:

VISNA1 Vision Science Major
VISNB2 Vision Science Minor
VISNBH Vision Science Honours


Vision Science and Optometry Programs Information:

Vision Science and Optometry Program Overview
Pathways to Optometry and Vision Science Program
Optometry and Vision Science Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Textbook List 2020

UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science Prescribed-Recommended-Reference Textbooks for 2020 can be found here

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2020 Course Outlines

Course outlines will be displayed here when they become available. 

OPTM 2133 - The Clinical Environment
OPTM 3201 - Ocular Imaging & Applied Vision Science
OPTM 3233 - Working in the Clinical Environment
OPTM 6412/6422 - Clinical Optometry 4A/4B
OPTM 6423 - Therapeutics and the Posterior Eye
OPTM 8514 - Optometry Research Project
OPTM 8512/8522 - Clinical Optometry 5A/5B
OPTM 8513/8523 - Clinical Ocular Therapy 5A/5B
VISN 1221 - Visual Optics
VISN 2211 - Organisation and Function of the Visual System