2017 Summer Vacation Scholars

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017 - 09:20


This summer the School of Optometry and Vision Science hosted one of its largest groups of vacation scholars, giving them a chance to experience research first hand.

Dr Maria Markoulli hosted five students, Thalia Lim, Joshua Karras, Nivaasheni Chandramohan, Amanda Sobbizadeh and Bao Tran Duong who worked on research projects investigating the impact of ocular lubricants on ocular health (Thalia, Josh ,Tran and Niv) and the impact of diabetes on the tear film (Amanda).

Assoicate Professor Michele Madigan hosted Katherine Qiu, Reena Jarabe (David Bard Scholarship Recipient) and Jessica Yap who honed their laboratory skills relating to cell biology of the ageing retina, iris and choriod and were excellent pupils.

Julio Dominguez worked with Dr Blanka Golebiowski, Dr Klaus Ehrmann and Professor Fiona Stapleton on a new instrument to measure the eye’s sensitivity. The Ehrmann Liquid Jet Aesthesiometer uses controlled pulses of sterile saline to stimulate the front of the eye. The students used a high-speed camera to capture some fantastic images of this stream.

Five SOVS PhD students at the Centre for Eye Health also host summer scholars Tyson Xu, Vivien Cheung, Kathy Qiu, Sephora Miao and Sally Hoang who worked on a range of research projects relating to glaucoma, age related macular degeneration and retinal imaging.

All students were recognized for their efforts with an end of summer morning tea and award ceremony.

Supervisor 1

Supervisor Photo