Humans of SOVS: Brian Cheng

Monday, 26 November, 2018 - 14:45


It was from watching shows like Masterchef, Iron chef and My Kitchen Rules that set me on the track to becoming a foodie. I don’t cook but I do appreciate the skills you need to have to be a good chef. The place doesn’t have to be fancy either. You can find amazing food from takeaway restaurants or street food. Not spending as much can also be a good thing for managing your expectations. Bad food becomes a greater disappointment when you paid too much for it! 

What really defines a foodie is how seriously you take your food. I, personally, like to apply the scientific and analytic skills I use at work to the food I eat. Instead of just asking whether I like the taste, I try to find what it is exactly that makes the dish good (or bad!). Chefs play around with their dishes; altering the temperature, trying interesting textures – maybe they put a crunchy component in. It’s deliberate. They’re trying to surprise you; to create a more enjoyable taste. I find that appreciating the subtle techniques they use really adds another layer of depth and enjoyment to any dining experience.

Brian Cheng is  the Calibration and Measurement Manager in ORlab. Find out more about Brian here:

Brian Cheng