SOVS Researchers Recipients of UNSW Science Faculty Research Grants

Monday, 30 January, 2017 - 11:35


Dr Maitreyee Roy, Dr Debarun Dutta and Dr Barbara Zangerl have all been successful in receiving UNSW Science Faculty Research Grants for their research in 2017.

Dr Maitreyee Roy was awarded with a grant of $15,000 for her research entitled “New ways of visualising tear film lipids using quantum dots”. This grant will enable her to investigate the dynamics of the tear film layers in real time in vivo measurement with greater understanding regarding tear dynamics. This will benefit in developing treatment modalities for ocular diseases and effective drug delivery mechanisms to intraocular tissues.

Dr Debarun Dutta was awarded with a Faculty Research Grant of $7,500 towards his research on “Enhancing sensitivity of drug resistant microorganisms using smart antimicrobial biomaterial surfaces”. This grant will help him investigate synergic mechanisms between immobilized and free antimicrobials that can produce amplified activity against resistant bacteria isolated from eye infection.

Dr Barbara Zangerl received funding of $7,500 for her research titled “Development of automated pattern recognition to detect glaucomatous optic nerve head changes”. With the help of this grant Dr Zangrel and her research team including eye health care clinicians, scientists, and computer software specialist aiming to develop an automated process for the recognition of early optic nerve head (ONH) changes from clinical ONH images and provide a tool to enhance and standardize this important step in early diagnosis.

FRGP Winners

Dr Maitreyee Roy, Dr Debarun Dutta, Dr Barbara Zangrel