SOVS Staff Attend International Colour Vision Society Symposium in Germany

Thursday, 5 October, 2017 - 10:35


The 24th biennial symposium of the International Colour Vision Society was held in Erlangen, Germany, 18-22 August.  Dr Mei Ying Boon gave a presentation entitled “Age-related changes in chromatic and achromatic contrast sensitivity in young people, as assessed using a tablet computer-based test” by Mei Ying Boon, Lakshmi Bodduluri and Stephen J Dain.

Emeritus Professor Stephen Dain gave a presentation entitled “Development of chromatic and achromatic thresholds in children 5-12 years of age: Evidence for higher blue-yellow thresholds in early childhood” by Stephen J Dain and Barbara Y Ling.

Attendees included three founding members from the first symposium in Ghent, Belgium in 1971 (then called the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies).  They are, from the left, Professor André Roth, University of Geneva, Professor Jack Moreland, University of Keele and Emeritus Professor Stephen Dain.

ICVS Germany