Vaegan Seminar: Dr Jingjing You: Tissue engineering – focusing on the eye (corneal applications)

Friday, 1 March, 2019 - 13:00


Please join us for the first Vaegan Seminar for 2019!  We welcome visiting academic for SOVS: Dr Jingjing You from the University of Sydney who will present on "Tissue engineering – focusing on the eye (corneal applications)".  All UNSW staff, students, alumni and general public more than welcome to attend.

Relevant details are as follows:

Date: Friday 1 March 2019

Time: 13:00 - 14:00pm

Location: Rupert Myers Theatre, North Wing Rupert Myers Building, Gate 14 Barker Street, UNSW Sydney

Title of Presentation: Tissue engineering – focusing on the eye (corneal applications)

Abstract: With the goal of tissue creation and repair, tissue engineering provides an exciting opportunity to work across many clinical and laboratory-based disciplines. This presentation will focus on the challenge of using tissue engineering in the treatment of corneal eye disease and injury and provide an overview on the scope of tissue engineering, recent developments and common challenges. This will be followed by a practical discussion on the interaction between biomaterials, 3D printing and cells within applications for the treatment of corneal disease.

Short Biography: Dr Jingjing You is a postdoctoral research fellow and the lead of laboratory research team, corneal bioengineering group at Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney; a visiting Academic at School of Optometry and Vision Science (SOVS), UNSW Sydney; an external scientific advisor for NSW Tissue Bank, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and a working committee member of Australian/New Zealand Human Eye Cell Atlas Consortium. Dr You’s current research focus is on corneal bioengineering and the development of biomaterials to optimise corneal repair and reconstruction. Her research has led to the development of iFixTM system which generated a provisional patent and received $1.15 million from NSW medical device fund in 2018 for commercialisation. She is the co-founder and working committee member of Australia Corneal Bioengineering Working Group and has successfully organised and chaired the meetings in 2017 and 2018 which attracted speakers from major national universities. She is also a regular speaker for the 3D printing workshop organised annually by University of Wollongong and University of Melbourne.