Work Health and Safety

Work Related Discomfort Program

Optometrists are used to looking after their patient’s visual needs in the consultation room. But it is also important that they look after their own comfort and health.

When an optometrist examines their patient’s eyes, they may need to place their body in awkward and sustained postures. Over time, this can take its toll on the body and the optometrist may experience work-related discomfort (WRD).

Here are two resources to assist optometry students and optometry clinical supervisors reduce the risk of work-related discomfort in the consultation room.

Introductory video “Reducing the risk of work-related discomfort in the optometry consultation room”

Information for Clinical Supervisors: Reducing the risk of work-related discomfort during clinical procedures

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WHS Safety Induction Booklet for Staff, Students and Visitors 2019

UNSW WHS Policy Statement

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