Higher Degree Student of the Week: Hari Peguda

Higher Degree Student of the Week: Hari Peguda, Scientia PhD candidate, working on ‘Nano-diagnosis of Eye infections’ which is a multidisciplinary collaborative project supervised by Professor Mark Willcox, Dr Nicole Carnt from SOVS and Dr Sophia Gu from Chemical Engineering with expertise in nanoparticles. His research aims to develop a rapid identification system for Acanthamoeba (free-living amoeba) using nanoparticles. Acanthamoeba can cause a devastating eye infection that is extremely painful and can lead to blindness. Having a more rapid way of identifying this infection will help in treatment and better patient outcomes. Hari is currently one of the postgraduate student representatives at SOVS. He won the best photo 2020 and best video 2019 at the Annual Progress Reviews SOVS photo and video competition. For more info about Hari and the research he is undertaking see here: https://bit.ly/2UxuxYN