New Lecturer Appointed: Dr Nayuta Yoshioka

| 03 Dec 2018

We warmly welcome to SOVS Dr Nayuta Yoshioka (Yoshi). Yoshi has joined us as a Lecturer and will be undertaking research and teaching the following courses in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs: VISN1101: Seeing the work: Perspectives from Vision Science, OPTM7611: Introduction to Myopia, OPTM7612: Myopia Management and OPTM7621: Clinical Myopia Management. 

Short biography below:

Yoshi graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry degree (honour), Graduate Certificate for Ocular Therapeutics from the University of New South Wales. He has worked as an optometrist at a private practice in rural NSW/Victoria for two years, with an emphasis on paediatric optometry and ocular disease management. Upon returning to Sydney, he worked at a paediatric optometry practice for two more years before joining the Centre for Eye Health (CFEH) in 2012, a specialised ocular imaging clinic at the UNSW. During his employment at the CFEH, he developed expertise in various ocular diseases, including glaucoma and myopic retinopathy. In 2014, he commenced his PhD jointly at the SOVS and CFEH, recently submitting his thesis titled “Optimisation of structure-function correlation to improve clinical glaucoma diagnostic paradigm”. He has been involved in undergraduate education at the CFEH and SOVS, delivered CPD materials and published several research articles in high impact peer-reviewed journals such as IOVS. He has previously spoken at major national (SRC 2014) and international (Imaging & Perimetry Society 2016 & 2018) conferences to present his research findings.