Vision Training Clinic

This clinic provides the treatment and ongoing management of vision problems that can arise when the eyes do not work together or focus efficiently or effectively. For example, such conditions as eye strain or double vision may need to be treated with stand-alone VT in some cases or spectacles alone or spectacles with VT. Every person is different.

This clinic emphasises the prescribing of the most ideal programme of eye exercises (vision training/VT) to develop the co-ordination or focussing of the eyes for the most efficient and comfortable viewing. VT is prescribed in 9 weeks blocks, costing $120.00. This fee includes the programming of your treatment, basic equipment and 3 in-office training/re-assessment visits.

Visual perception dysfunctions, which can result in learning difficulties, may also be assessed in this clinic. Treatment is only recommended after all spectacle and VT problems have been excluded or fully remediated.

Referrals to the VT clinic for patients of any age are only made following an initial consultation in our Paediatric Primary Care clinic.

Vision Training Clinic inquiries and appointments: 
Telephone: (02) 9385 4624