Research Topics and Potential Supervisors

We offer research programs for graduates of optometry and other sciences. Research for a Master of Science by Research (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) can be undertaken in a diverse range of areas and disciplines including clinical optometry, applied research and basic research.  

If you are interested in pursuing higher degree research with the School of Optometry and Vision Science, then you will need to find a supervisor. SOVS has an excellent range of expertise across seven research groups. Among these are affiliated institutes; the Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Centre for Eye Health. Our primary research areas are in anterior segment and contact lenses, posterior segment in health and disease, optics and applied vision, vision science and public health optometry. Take some time to review the research areas and identify who you would like to have as a supervisor. Once you have selected a supervisor, check our admission requirements and submit an expression of interest.

Finding a supervisor

Research topics

View our research topics below:

  • Blue light blocking lenses, effects on visual and non-visual systems –BoonKhuuDain, Roy 
  • Functionalised nanoparticles as contrast agents for bio-imaging – RoyStapletonWillcox
  • Optical coherence microscopy for ultrahigh-resolution 3D imaging –Roy
  • Binocular Vision – Asper
  • Development and maturation of the visual system, amblyopia, colour vision – Boon 
  • Digital devices (smartphones and computers), eye strain and dry eye - Golebiowski 
  • Low vision, visual rehabilitation, accident prevention – Boon
  • Multisensory experience of self-motion – Kim 
  • Surface and Material Perception – Khuu, Kim
  • Visual electrophysiology, visual psychophysics, detection of brain abnormalities – BoonKhuu
  • Visual Processing – Khuu